Submission: You’ve GOT to PRACTICE…


We all want to know what submission looks like but how will we if it seems that NO one is practicing. Prior to marriage when I asked for advice, I was told “I believe in headship and submission, but I can’t explain what it looks like.” Starting fresh, we can all use a couple of suggestions, and all the advice I was getting was from people who were “successful” but that was by the world’s standards—they are still together essentially, that’s it-in my opinion.

So what I’m doing today is sharing some examples of what the practice of submission might look like. The details will be different in every marriage, but one thing is certain: submission is an attitude which affects everything – thoughts, feelings, words, actions – every moment of every day.

Submission affects our thoughts and feelings. It means that when I think of my husband, I’ll reject critical, bitter, resentful, unforgiving thoughts. Instead, I’ll choose to think of him with respect and love. I don’t mean I’ll refuse to see his bad points! Often, because I’ve married a sinner, what will be demanded of me is not blind approval, but patience and forgiveness. But I’ll also choose to rejoice in the times he exercises his leadership wisely, and when he fails, I’ll trust in the God who has chosen this man to be my husband, remember my own sin, respect his role even when I’m struggling to respect him, and respond with forbearance and grace.

Submission affects our actions in small things. This was the first expression of submission which made sense to me. It means I  honor my husband’s preferences: keeping the kitchen bench, room & bathroom clean, learning how to garden & farm (kid you not!), or wearing my hair how he desires (NO matter how many times he changes his preference-smh). For you, it will mean other things: de-cluttering the loungeroom, welcoming your husband with a kiss, or keeping track of what you spend.

Submission affects our words. It changes the way we talk to our husbands, and to others (children, friends, our parents) about our husbands. I don’t mean we’ll speak with humble deference: there’s lots of teasing, laughter and robust discussion in my marriage, which won’t surprise anyone who knows us! But I’ve learned not to nag or boss my husband into doing things, not to complain about him to others, and not to always offer my opinion when we’re leading a group together – and I’m learning to be careful of how I speak to him in front of others.

Submission affects our response when our husbands ask something of us. I try my best when it is something that he strongly desires or preferences to respond first with a “yes”, and only then with a “but have you thought of …?, when my husband asks something of me. “Yes”, I’ll gladly come and help you with that. “Yes”, why don’t we do that together on the weekend. “Yes”, let’s consider those ministry plans. Without noticing it, most often we are automatically set to “no”, or at least to “sigh”.

Submission affects decisions about our own lives. It affects how we spend our money, use our time, and make our plans. Recently, God has convicted me about two areas which I think are key for many women: spending and scheduling. Ardarion’s an easy-going guy who doesn’t throw his weight around, and it can be easy for us with these type of husbands to take advantage of that as we manage our finances and plan our calendar. So if you may struggle with this, make it a point to begin seeking his guidance on your budget and plans.

Submission affects how we respond to our husband’s leadership. It’s hard to graciously acknowledge and receive someone’s authority. It’s far easier to openly rebel, or to resist in more subtle ways: patronizing our husbands, doing things behind their backs, or underhandedly trying to exert control. Instead, we’ll build up rather than tear down, obey when it doesn’t mean disobeying Christ, and support, encourage and pray for our husbands as they lead our family.

Submission affects how we influence our husbands. There’s definitely a place for wise counsel, good advice, and honest discussion (Prov 31:26). But there will also be times when words are ineffective or unwelcome. The primary way we influence our husbands, especially when words fail, is through our prayers, the godliness and reverence of our lives, and the way we honor and seek their leadership (1 Pet 3:1-7). Definitely not through sulking, nagging, manipulating, seeking revenge, or complaining!

Submission affects how we accept our husband’s care. I’ve often observed in marriages a tendency to be unwilling to receive compliments graciously, to welcome embraces, to hear encouragement, to enjoy sentimental expressions of affection, to accept protection, or even to allow a husband to open a door for us. Because of the birth of independent modern women – we don’t like to be looked after! However, for husband’s to operate in their God-given capacity in this arena, it is something we need to learn how to accept.

Submission affects how we use our time and energy. Instead of lavishing our time and energy on ourselves and our dreams, we’ll give ourselves first to helping our husbands, caring for their needs, and supporting their work and ministry. I don’t think we should put our husbands on a pedestal, or that our lives should revolve around them – this wouldn’t be good for either of us! Christ is our first husband, God’s glory our first goal, and the gospel our first priority. But our husband will come next on the list, we’ll be careful about how our ministry and relaxation affect him, and we’ll work as a team, when possible and necessary, to reach out to God’s world.

But what if my husband doesn’t want to lead? This is a question which often comes up when I talk to some married women. Since Genesis 3:16, many wives love to take over, and many husbands lazily abdicate responsibility. We may need to repent of our tendency to want to run things, ask for our husbands’ advice and input when it’s not offered, and gently encourage them to take greater responsibility in leadership. I think this is one piece of encouragement most husbands would welcome! If this continues to be a major problem in your marriage, it could be helpful to talk together to a Godly pastor.

But what if I’m in a difficult marriage? If God expects wives of unbelieving husbands to honor and obey their husbands (1 Peter 3:1-7) then he expects no less from those of us in difficult Christian marriages. There are no “if … then … ” clauses when it comes to love and submission (I’m not talking about situations where it’s appropriate for a wife to leave her husband, in cases like abuse and adultery-and even these to be handled w/ prayer and discernment). I know this is hard to say, and harder still to practice, and requires far more than a brief paragraph! Our comfort is that God knows our situation, that HE watches over us and loves us more deeply than any husband ever could, that we honor HIM by our faithfulness in a difficult situation, that HE promises never to test us beyond what we can bear, and that HE gives us grace and strength when we have none of our own.

I know the things I say are not easy for many of us to hear, and for any of us to practice. But don’t we love God’s word, and trust HIM to want only what is best for us? I pray that He will help you and me to come to the Bible ready to have our minds changed, to listen to His voice even when we find it hard to hear, and to ask Him for the will and grace to obey.

I’ve found, that submission can be changed from something I reluctantly practice through gritted teeth and with resentment, to something I’ve grown into and absolutely love, as its true beauty and freedom have become apparent to me, and as God’s grace has worked in the hearts of my husband and me. I hope and pray you find the same.


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16 thoughts on “Submission: You’ve GOT to PRACTICE…

  1. Awwww Yes the more I read the bible and receive understanding, the more submissive I’m becoming. I see how lovely submission really is and I also encourage others as well as myself to practice these things. Thank you so much for elaborating on what submission consists of and how it can vary depended on circumstances.

  2. Wow! That is an awesome breakdown of some areas of marriage that many are afraid to expound on because they do not want to lose their popularity with the crowds. But the truth must be spoken and, my sister, that is exactly what you have done!!!

  3. You were preaching in that blog. The point that stuck out to me was God coming before your husband, which is critical. Keep growing in your calling and I will continue to lift you up in prayer for God’s will to be done.

  4. Sissss…This is sooo good, needs to be a book(audio as well)!! Good stuff….May God continue to bless your union!

  5. I appreciate the fact that you emphasized that God comes first, and that a wife should not disobey God for her husband. I have seen men use the submission scriptures to abuse their wives physically and sexually. For this reason, I was wondering how you consolidate Ephesians 5:21. It’s under marriage in the bible and says to submit to one another, out of reverence for Christ.

  6. You have given me a new outlook on submission…..this is so needed and necessary! The bases for understanding and build good communication skills in marriage.

  7. Really loved this. It has some very good and detailed points. This will help me to be a good wife to my husband which God has called for me!

  8. Now this one was definitely a wake up call!! again, this is not just for married people. Those in preparation can use this as a reference point. By the end of the post I was running a “self check”. Funny how we all talk about submission as a word and not as an action. It sure takes the grace of God for one to learn how to submit.

  9. Fantastic breakdown on a MUCH needed topic! My favorite parts are about honoring our husband’s preferences, saying “yes,” spending and scheduling, and when words fail. I praise God for your ministry. May your marriage, you, and your ministry continue to grow as you walk through the seasons of life. The best is YET to come! Bless you!!!!!!

  10. As always I look forward to reading your post, it’s like a breathe of fresh air! Knowing that there is someone encouraging other young married couples to follow God’s plan and thanks for reminding us how important it is to submit to our husbands!

  11. I LOVE this post! As a divorced woman, I can certainly see some areas of submission that I could have practiced more. With God’s help, I will practice these now in my single state as He prepares me for my husband. That way submission will not be such a battle in my marriage. Thanks for writing this sis!

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