R-E-S-P-E-C-T…Can You Respect Him?

I’ve been conversing with one of my sister-friends in depth on this issue lately and it has caused me to really examine what role being able to respect and actually respecting your husband plays in an relationship and marriage. SO what better reason to share my thoughts on it. Now, I’m merely a novice so I’m just sharing my thoughts in respect to the word and my opinion. Pray you enjoy.

Ephesians 5 contains one of the most oft-referenced sections on marriage in the Bible. Verse 33 in particular is a verse that we wives in particular need to pay better attention to:

“However, let each man of you [without exception] love his wife as [being in a sense] his very own self; and let the wife see that she respects and reverences her husband [that she notices him, regards him, honors him, prefers him, venerates, and esteems him; and that she defers to him, praises him, and loves and admires him exceedingly].” (AMP)

We in our culture, particularly as women, are fed an incomplete picture of marriage: that it is all about love. We want to be “in love”… we want to feel “madly, deeply” in love. And we, frankly, have a wrong picture and idea of what true love really is. But that’s a subject for another day.

But when a young woman is considering marrying a young man, she (most typically) wants to be “swept off her feet” and feel butterflies in her stomach. This is what our culture has geared us to desire– the feelings– the swoon– the weak knees. But there’s a much more important issue that ought to be considered:

Can you respect him? DO you respect him?

When we focus solely on love, we too often miss this more important biblical command… that we, as wives, are to respect our husbands. [We are to show love one to another, but husbands are the ones with the specific command to love their wives, while the wives’ command is to respect her husband.]

The greatest need men feel (and the greatest lack most men are feeling) is that they are not respected by their wives. When a husband feels disrespected by the one person in life whose opinion (at least at one time) mattered most to him, it becomes increasingly difficult for him to feel successful in other areas of life (work, ministry, friendships, parenting, etc.).

Oftentimes, what will end up happening is that if there is an area where a man feels more respected (perhaps at work, perhaps with a particular person, perhaps in a certain role), he begins to invest more in that place, person, or role because there is the reward of respect from that investment of his time. This is how affairs often start. This is how workaholics are fueled. This is how a dad spends more time coaching others on a team than actual time spent one-on-one with his own child (because he perhaps receives respect and feels rewarded by the “position” of coach).

When men don’t feel respected, particularly by their wives, all sorts of problems arise. And God knew this. Which is why He wrote it into His plan for marriage… instructing wives to respect their husbands.

It can be tough. Particularly if you married an unbeliever. Perhaps you married a Christian, but he has backslidden. Perhaps you married someone who has radically changed since your early days of dating. Maybe your husband has made poor financial decisions or career moves. Regardless, our responsibility, as wives, is to “respect”.

Think of at least one way that you can begin showing greater respect for your husband. Have you ever written him a letter telling him how much you respect him and a few (or many) reasons why? Perhaps you could spend 1 minute each day this week hugging him and telling him something in particular that you respect him for. (It can be as simple as, “I respect you for getting up each morning and going to work to provide for us”, or as detailed and involved as you want it to be.) Be more intentionally giving verbal respect to your spouse– encourage him and praise him for the man that he is- not only to him, but to others. We all can (and should) find ways to show greater respect to our husbands, particularly in this culture which tells us to seek- rather than to give- respect. Our husbands need and greatly desire our respect.

There’s nothing wrong with feelings. They are fine and good, and do help to knit our hearts together. But more urgently, you need to ask yourself, as a Christian woman, “CAN I RESPECT THIS MAN?” If there is a man you are dating, engaged to, or considering marrying, or if there’s a man that you’ve been eying or you know is interested in you, before you make the commitment, and before you let things go farther, ask: “will I be able to respect him?”

Consider some of these things:

– Can I respect the work that he does?
– Can I respect the relationship he has with God?
– Will I respect him as the spiritual leader of our home?
– Can I give him verbal respect in the presence of others?
– Can I respect his leadership on moral issues (how to raise any children God may give, how many children to have, what kind of church to attend, etc.)?
– Will I respect him in social situations and his interactions with others (with my family, with his family, at get-togethers, etc.)?
– Can I respect his personality style (i.e., Will I resent it when he’s not the first one in line for a promotion? Will I resent it if he IS the first one in line for a promotion? Will his sense of humor grate on me and make me resent him? Will I be frustrated by his seriousness?)?
– Can I respect his financial position and continue respecting him if it changes for the worse?
– Can I respect him in sickness and in health (his or mine)? For richer or for poorer? For better or for worse? For the rest of my life?
– Am I really aware that by marrying this man, in order to obey God, I am choosing to respect this man for the rest of our lives?

Tough questions. But they are much better asked on the front end than on the back end. I’ll admit, I didn’t think heavily in terms of “respect” when I got married (maybe because  husband’s nature kind of demanded, a definite (+) inherently). I thought in terms of love, communication, compatibility, and friendship more. I DID think in terms of mutual respect, but I confess that I was more concerned about making sure that I was receiving “R-E-S-P-E-C-T” than making sure from my heart that I could give it. (Incidentally, though sung by the soulful Aretha Franklin, that song, “R-E-S-P-E-C-T”, was written by a man–which certainly enforces the idea of how critical respect is to men.)

If you are married, I would encourage you to consider these things- and make a change or two in how you may interact with your husband. If you aren’t yet married, I would urge you to consider these things as you look at potential spouses, and as you frame the issue of marriage in your mind.

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16 thoughts on “R-E-S-P-E-C-T…Can You Respect Him?

  1. Powerful blog!!!!! When we as men/women get back to doing it God’s way rather than the worlds way, real love will come forth. The bible definitely tells us as men to love our wives & for our wives to respect us. Like you stated earlier, men can sense & know when they’re not being respected & if they’re not grounded in Christ or close to God, they can be distracted by outside women. Same goes for women when they’re not feeling loved. As men we have to pursue & love our future wife or wives non stop to ensure that they know that we are into them & on their side for life. Women as well can be led astray when they feel like they aren’t loved. When you put God 1st,have a man that knows he’s respected & a woman that knows she’s loved, you have a happy home. Thanks again for sharing the great blog.

    Broderick Walton

  2. This is good stuff sis! I’m still single, but one thing I hate to see is wives who BLATANTLY do not respect their husbands… especially the ones who belittle them in public and in front of others.

    I also loved the questions you posed for us single gals…. “can I respect….?” That’s important! That amplified verse spells it out explicitly what “respect” means… LOVE IT!


  3. Hi – this is an awesome post! Very thoughtful and explanatory re this all important concept.

    Way to go! If this is only a start ….wow! Can’t wait to see what’s ahead. Will give this some RT attention tomorrow for sure!

    Thanks for sharing this and for encouraging us too with your RT’s and comments. Let’s use our experiences to get the word out: great marriage is God’s plan and attainable by all who want it!

    Great application for pre-marriage peeps too. Nice.


    PS: It was an epiphany a while back for my wife and I when we realized that this “respect” need in a man, plays directly to “the question he’s always asking the world” – one of competency… (See our post: Inside His Head).

  4. I REALLY enjoyed this! As a single young women, these are defiantly things to consider before getting married. This also brings me back to my Aunt and Uncles relationship. Being raised by them, I constantly saw how my aunt talked negatively towards him and (probably) made him feel less than a man (But don’t get me wrong he did his share). Needless to say, after 40 YEARS of marriage (yes i said 40), they got a divorce. When I talk to my aunt about it now, she says a lot of had to do with the lack of respect they both had for each other and not putting God at the Forefront of their marriage. She also notes pride as being a huge problem; they were never able to let go of an argument and someone always had to have the last “say-so”.

    I thoroughly appreciate this blog and has opened my eyes to another sector to consider. Keep it coming sis!!!!!

  5. *starts to sing* R-E-S-P-E-C-T find out what it means to me- LOL! This was sooo good to me! YES, def a #Word for all my soon to be in the #YWC! Great read…

  6. Love it! Can’t say that I’ve thought about my marriage in terms of respect but this has surely opened my eyes and enlightened me to a few things. Looking forward to future posts.

  7. ABSOLUTELY RIGHT ON! Wow! I completely agree – man this is so powerful I need to share it with my sisters! aHHHHH THIS IS GREAT!

  8. Little sister….the wisdom you posess never ceases to amaze me! This is one of the most well thought out, well written blog posts I have read in ages. In my honest opinion, it does not belong on a blog-THIS needs to be submitted to Essence, Ebony, Black Enterprise, Called,Sister2Sister, etc…magazines as an article. I’m not kidding. And you know I don’t massage egos….this is bigger than a blog and more women need to read it now!! I wasn’t making a suggestion-I was sending you a command. If you don’t submit it-I’m getting on the phone myself! Fabulous!!

  9. LOVE LOVE LOVE this blog sis!! I truly appreciated the questions that you added for one to ask. I recently watched a marriage conference that talked about this very core scripture. Your tidbit on Aretha’s song I did know, which many people don’t. This is a GREAT post with real perspective of what needs to be thought about when approaching or in covenant.

  10. Love all the information on this blog. Not just this post but all that are listed. The information is very helpful. Continue to be a blessing please. God Bless

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