Welcome to my World…


My first official post on my blog. Wow, ain’t I cool?!? And all of you who know my personality know that I don’t do anything halfway. So I’m excited to dive into this deal head first.

To be honest, I’ve known I needed to do this for a while now. What influential person in their right mind wouldn’t want to blog? It’s a chance to cast vision for my life , to express deep thoughts and earth shattering insights, to answer your questions from my point of view with Godly or just plain practical knowledge, and to get your views as well. Or probably more like senseless ramblings with an occasional decent points. But nonetheless, it’ll be fun.

I do have a few concerns here. Like, what if only my dad and husband read this thing? They won’t. My dad still has dial up, and my husband will lay beside me as I type proofreading .What if I’m not a good blogger? I just started checking out a few of my friends’ blogs in the last couple months. But me actually contributing to one myself, it’s new to me. Sorry. I’m a dork. I’ll have to learn the ropes but I’m sure I have a few hefty bloggers to support me.

So here we go. I’m going to update this several times a month and see where it leads. I’ll write about the stuff I guess everybody else writes about: my walk with God, my husband, marriage in general, love, and whatever else gets my attention. I hope you’ll be back often. I look forward to opening up and writing about God, me, my family and our vision for the world to see.


5 thoughts on “Welcome to my World…

  1. Blogging is a digital way to journal, except now you’re opening your life up to the world. Enjoy your time and I will be in and out to see whats going on and share my thoughts. My friends and I are doing a book blub blog on Power Thoughts by Joyce Meyer. If you get a chance; check it out and share your view. http://victoriousbookclub.blogspot.com

  2. Congrats Shalonda,

    I am happy you decided to dive in! 🙂 I think that if we have more examples of people using Godly principles shown throughout the web it will be a light to those in darkness. I know you have a lot to say and God has given you the resources and vision to complete this task. I also think that it will help you to grow as well. I look forward to future updates. Take care.

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